Effects of contemplative pedagogy in higher education

Can contemplative pedagogies such as mindfulness, contemplation and mindful self-inquiry increase experiential learning, well-being and meaning for students in higher-education programs? We are implementing and studying the effects of various contemplative pedagogies in under-graduate and professional development training.

The relation between mindfulness and need-supporting schools and classes

Teachers practicing mindfulness

We are studying the effects of our whole-school mindfulness-based social-emotional program – the Purple Schools Program – on teachers and students. We are interested in how mindfulness and SEL processes in schools support the schools in becoming mindful, need-supporting organizations, and how cultivating mindfulness in school leaders and teachers supports their ability to become need-supportive […]

The effect of psychedelics on trauma and moral injury

In recent years, there is a growing understanding of the role of moral injury in trauma of people, such as soldiers, who have been sent to various missions that entail moral conflicts. MDMA is emerging as a effective treatment for trauma. We are studying the effects and underlying mechanisms of MDMA on moral injury.

Understanding physiological mechanism of compassion and empathy

Compassion and empathy are central for individual and societal wellbeing. In a set of studies, we have developed means to study physiological and emotional inter-personal synchronization and are using them to understand the relation between empathy, emotional distress, self-compassion and compassion.